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Dougall’s Dúo3: Vista + Amarillo

Westmalle tripel

One of the few subjected to fermentation in the bottle for three weeks. It is known as the mother of all triples. This type of beer was first brewed at Westmalle Abbey in 1934, on the occasion of the commissioning of the new brewhouse.

The current formula has not been changed since 1956, it is more than 50 years old. Pleasant hop flavor. On the palate, its silky and velvety character and a touch of bitterness are perceived, supported by fruity flavors. An exceptional beer, full of finesse and elegance, which is also characterized by a long and tasty aftertaste. Fruity aroma.

Fun fact: Westmalle Trappist Abbey is one of six Belgian abbeys where authentic Trappist beer is produced.






6,3 % ABV

33 CL



 5 € 

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